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We support the Catch and Release Policy

Only when the Captain considers it to be a new record, will he then proceed in making a decision after consulting the mate, and only then will they bring it in. The other reason would be, when a billfish is almost dead by the time of release. Only when we are 100% sure that by releasing it, it would die anyway.


Reviving a Blue Marlin

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Released for a next time !!

We try to keep all bill fish alive for future battles. We believe in conservation for future generation. With this in mind we do everything we can , to spread the word to all who fish with us.

Trolling for Bill fish is generally done in different area’s around the island. Marlins are caught to the Northern and Southern parts of the coastline. We normally go to the south but when conditions permit we also head to the Northern section of the island. This northern spot is fished northwest of the lighthouse and we troll up to 10 miles from the lighthouse and back. The biggest marlins caught in Aruba, were all caught in this area

When we go to the Southern side, to look for Marlins, we move out between 1/2 to 14 miles of the southern coastline. Blue Marlin or White Marlin are often caught to the south of the Refinery.

Sailfish are mainly caught to the southwest part of the island. In the last half of October We have our hottest season for sailfish. For the last couple of years this has been incredible. Sailfish were around like sardines. We have a spot Southwest of Aruba which varies between 150 ft to 250 ft deep and in this area we catch and release all sailfish.

Terms & Conditions
Please note that there might be days on which We catch a lot of fish, but also days on which We don’t have the same luck, but that is fishing ! But whenever fish is caught and our guests want to take some fish for lunch or dinner, they should inform our captain about this. Our captain will make sure that all our guests get enough fish for their lunch or dinner. The rest of the fish will be for the boat.

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